Restaurant and Art

Last weekend I hung 15 paintings at Joe's Pasta House in Rio Rancho (New Mexico) with friend and fellow artist Nan Adamson. It is a venue done in conjunction with the Rio Rancho Observer, the Rio Rancho Art Association, of which I am a member, and the Pasta House. It is very different from hanging in a gallery -- the lightening is appropriate for dining, not the art, and so selecting my paintings was based on what works best in that sort of setting. The owner was incredibly gracious, even including a wonderful reception lunch buffet for all the attendees. The food is wonderful, and his prices low. I highly recommend it and not just because he was kind enough to show RRAA art! But look at the walls when you are there! haha. The art hangs for about 6 weeks, then is replaced with art by two more RRAA members. What a wonderful community effort. My thanks to all involved, and my thanks to those patrons that purchased my art!

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