It seems all to easy to let your art taken a back seat to the mundane tasks that are necessary but not creative. I have been guilty of that, and needed a nudge from two directions to find my way back to creating and sharing my art. The first was an accidental placing of two similar paintings next to each other. I had done the first two years ago, and could remember how pleased with it I had been at the time. Having it next to the more recent work let me see the evolution of style and increase in knowledge. It was a reminder of how growth comes through effort as well as passion.
The second incident was a strong nudge to not only get painting again, but to return to this blog and share the thoughts and motivations that lead me to paint. (waving to Si. )
So, dear blog readers, I have returned from my silence.

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Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Welcome back!! Beautiful images. So very warm and loving.Kind of a paradox, though, knowing how these beautiful creatures hunt for their food?