This month I participated in the Placitas Studio Tour. It is a unique event where many of the resident artists in the community all open their studios over a single weekend. There are jewelers, painters, sculpters, ceramicists, fabric artists, and much more. Placitas is a mountain side community, with hilly roads that wind and end without any constant pattern so there is much planning involved to make sure each studio can be found by visitors. There are some kind of food and drink offered at each studio, and with so many artists participating I think the visitors can nearly make a meal of it! Here is a picture from my studio with the painting I worked on during part of the tour. I have noticed the people who stop by are very curious about how an artist works, and want to see me actually paint. Because I teach oil painting twice a week I am very used to being watched.
I do wish my home had more room to add other artist friends to the event.

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